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Interactive Fantasy


Place Username Avg PPG # of Games Total Points
1 img canadian.gym 5.0518239200
2 img heuer89 5.2414687685
3 img DYNASTYBLUE2 4.7016037530
4 img Fierce 4.2113825820
5 img AZUL 4.6512305715
6 img Mike h8 5.2110155290
7 img C0ACHMAYNE 5.739205270
8 img Chilley 4.5210124570
9 img CelphRival 4.467983560
10 img Gweedo888 3.978633425
11 img wookiemanx 4.337893420
12 img davidma 4.027983210
13 img Morgan 5.066203135
14 img Joe Fries 3.877732990
15 img ReFlex 4.596472970
16 img MS eMeRaLd 4.776192950
17 img Iverson9797 5.305532930
18 img H3NRI3 4.286562805
19 img holyhostile 4.656032805
20 img EnRoN 4.185992505
21 img cF WiNGER 4.255852485
22 img pRoTo923 6.134012460
23 img r0o0b0 4.305342295
24 img Nick_o_laz 4.105532265
25 img ShugNastytron 4.534992260
26 img Sweet_dreams_11 4.265122180
27 img xisnipe4food 4.175012090
28 img Luke 3.785522085
29 img Lawmon 3.905312070
30 img Testing 4.624261970
31 img rasha fasha 4.424431960
32 img Valentine84 3.875051955
33 img SL0WandP41NFUL 3.874881890
34 img iDestiny 4.274431890
35 img TheEthMan 4.763891850
36 img Pirateee 4.414161835
37 img Peridious 4.224241790
38 img Dabomstew 3.884551765
39 img chewfeese 5.583121740
40 img Eamonn 4.893541730
41 img Cantro 4.343961720
42 img Cheeky 4.633621675
43 img KKismet 4.403811675
44 img CrimsoNosmirC 4.024121655
45 img Teamwe 3.754231585
46 img serthery 3.664251555
47 img sossj 5.732681535
48 img Suffer 3.903941535
49 img Hylian 4.693191495
50 img SullyVan 3.893801480

Help! How do I play?

The Interactive Fantasy feature allows users of all types (must be logged in) to participate and earn valuable fantasy points (which will soon be worth real value towards online purchases). As games and series are played out in the tournament, the user is given the option to predict the outcome of them. Depending on the user's ability—and a little luck—they will earn the fantasy points.

The How-to Guide

The Interactive Fantasy is a small bar at the bottom of the page. When clicked, it opens up a small menu-like display of the up and coming series/games for the current event. You might note that not all of the series and all of the games are displayed at once. We only show a few games at a time which keeps the competition close and prevents users from making a ton of guesses at once. You'll have to keep watching to find out who is playing the best.

TheLanNetwork sometimes shows two series going on at the same time, and you'll notice that the Interactive Fantasy box can be split up into two separate series. Each series has a part at the top where it explains who is playing. Before the series begins, you have the opportunity to guess the winner of the series. Choose wisely. After the series begins, of course, this option goes away.

Below the series information area is a list of games. The first list to be displayed are those games that are soon to start. The second list shows games in that series that have completed and their corresponding score. You'll notice that the background of the games will change depending on whether they are about to start in mere seconds, or are already taking place. Once a game has started, no more predictions can be made.

GreenGame is IN progress
BlueGame is completed and predictions have been processed
CreamGame has not started, but you've added your predictions.
You'll notice that when a game is about to begin, it will show a countdown timer.

Things to Remember
You're not trying to predict the score, but predict the score difference. For example, if a team is playing a game of Slayer to 50 kills and you predict they will win by 5 kills/points, the winning team can win 50-45, or 35-30 (in case time ran out). You're predicting they will win by a certain amount, not the score. This is especially important to remember when trying to predict the winner of a series. Since normal gameplay over the weekend provides multiple series of 11 games, you're predicting must be possible for an 11 game series. For example, if there are 11 games in a series, you cannot predict someone will win by 4. There is no combination possible for someone to win by 4. This is because they play all 11 games in a series—even if one team is significantly beating the other. It's not best out of 5. Therefore, for an 11 game series, only 1,3,5,7,9, and 11 are possible. Keep this in mind as you make your predictions.


PredictionPoint Value
Predicting correctly the winner of a series20
Predicting correctly the series score20
Predicting correctly the winner of a game5
Predicting correctly the game score (Slayer, CTF, or Assault)10
Predicting correctly the game score (KOTH, Territories, or Oddball)25
Predicting correctly the game score within 10 seconds (KOTH or Oddball)10
Predicting correctly the game score within 50 seconds (Territories)10