View Full Version : signature problem.

04-02-2011, 05:12 AM
Is uploading a picture the only way you can get a picture in your signature space? Because I have a signature I want to use, but when I upload it, it's smaller than what it should be, and apparently image tags don't work. This is kind of frustrating. Please help.

04-02-2011, 09:39 AM
and Tags should work, unless it is a Gif image. Only Admins/Mods can have gif images. if it is too small when you upload it it may be too large for the forums to be able to handle.

I would suggest either scaling the image down or uploading it to a 3rd party site and getting the image tags on it.

04-02-2011, 10:42 AM
mmk, I'll try it. thanks.

04-02-2011, 10:41 PM
Sorry if double posts are a no-no, but at the bottom of the page where I edit my signature it has that list that says what's allowed and what's not, and it says that tags are a no-no. Is that normal? Or am I just an unlucky camper?

04-02-2011, 10:56 PM
es anyone no if I can uplod pics from my experia phone to my sig? Its not letting me download the pic to my desktop either.

04-05-2011, 10:51 AM
Still not working. D: Any more advice?