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Conversation Between Antidote and Morgan

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  1. Not a problem. Can't wait to see you guys back on my stream once we get going again!
  2. I usually check this all the time so a PM will be fine I think. And I will get an email also when you go live. Thanks so much!
  3. Yeah. I should be streaming most if not all of them. I know I'll be streaming mine, which is probably the next one to happen. How would you prefer to be contacted about them? Just a pm on the site? Or?
  4. Yes please! I'm following all of the jtv streams, if you're ever streaming them.
  5. Not sure. I do know me and Grav still have our match to play. The 2nd one has been going very slow since it started shortly before Columbus. Be glad to keep you informed if you wish?
  6. I didn't know you guys started tourney #2 already! Poo. When's the next match??
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