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    Bruce LANner
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    Woah Tattered, very nice Wallpapers man Instinct Forest one is so God-Like ...

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    Certified Lurk
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    St. Chuck MO da VI3VI

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    man they look so tight! i really like the swamp and tD fight club and im a Str8 fan! lol
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    those look awesome!

    now I want Bring the Rain wallpaper....
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    LANce Armstrong
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    Sep 2010

    Quote Originally Posted by minor pain View Post
    those look awesome!

    now I want Bring the Rain wallpaper....
    if he makes one that will be my wallpaper. lol

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    I wish I could still make these.

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    LANdalf The Grey
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    Dec 2010
    San Francisco, CA

    Quote Originally Posted by Tattered View Post
    I wish I could still make these.
    why cant you make them anymore? You need new ones for the new teams and hopefully do some pro player wall papers, that would be cool
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