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    How to Submit a Support Request [Please Read Before Posting]

    Hey there everyone I figured I would take the time to write this out so that we can help get to the root cause of whatever problem you are having faster. To make it easier for us to identify what exactly the problem is and how to fix it please include answers the following questions when you submit a new thread:

    • What browser are you using?
      Please be sure to include what version as that may aid the troubleshooting process.
      Internet Explorer: Help > About Internet Explorer
      Firefox: Help > About Mozilla Firefox
      Chrome: [Wrench Icon] > About Google Chrome
      Rockmelt: Rockmelt > About Rockmelt

    • What Operating System are you using?

    This list will be added to as time goes on. Thanks for taking the small amount of extra time to do this so that we can assist you better.

    If any other Mods or Admins wish to add to this list please do so.
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    Thanks Heuer, This will help some people out !!

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