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    Man I want to address so much stuff in this thread but I am not going to because it will look like I am trying to prove someone wrong and I don't want to be that guy because I hate the people who just pushes their ideas on people. but I will say this. All religions have faith and that is what drives people to keep going in life in the face of everything that is screaming at you that you will fail. I believe that I am nothing without God in my life and I would throw my entire reputation and life out of the window just so I could have God in my life because he is the only reason why I am breathing right now. I would be glad to share with anyone who is interested or has questions about what I think about God and life because I base all of my knowledge about God/life with what the bible says and what I have done research on and continue to research this very day instead of just taking someones word for it. I have my reasons why I think that the Bible is the truth and I would be glad to share that with you. You can pm me your questions if you want. I probably won't be able to answer all of them but I will try my best to find the answer because I will want to know the answer just as much as you do. I love you all and I will see you guys online!
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    I think with the current state of our country and economy that we should work out some way to release people from prison that are non-violent criminals for things such minor possesion crimes and so forth there would be an influx of cash from this seeing as it is somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 to 40 thousand tax payers dollars a year to house inmates

    also.... - marijuana should be legalized taxed and an age limit should be put on it
    - I believe in the theory evolution (contrary to what everyone were I live thinks )

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    I believe every living person is good at birth, and they are raised to be different. Usually, people are raised to put themselves before everyone else, because others did that to them, when there wasn't enough Money.
    The Media IS a big problem, because people rely on it for what is in "style", for who's good and bad, and for social norms. But of course, it's only done for more Money.
    All religons are hugely connected, one must have an open mind to find the source. Throughout time, many religons have made people serve Churches, to get them to do, or act how they desire. And in many cases, for Money.
    Education is corrupt in the U.S., because of Money issues.
    Instead of fighting for oil over seas, we should use the oil deposit we have in Alaska. Or, we can stop using oil, for the benefit of the oil companies, who are only in it for MONEY. We have many alternatives.
    Thieves are only doing what they must to survive, because they don't have Money. Even though there is enough resources, or "products" to go around multiple times.
    Porn is done for Money.
    I am Pro-Life. But....then again...Parents often can't support their children, because they don't have enough money.
    Anyone who uses and/or sells drugs, are doing it either because their friends told them it was "cool", or they need Money, and they can't get enslaved, I mean, get a job.

    Here's a riddle for you all:
    If the Federal Reserve LOANS EVERY DOLLAR out to us, AT INTEREST (meaning they want more back than they gave) where does the money come from, to pay for the interest?

    Infinite Debt = Slavery
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    @ Havoc I seem to follow some of the ideas that you do have.

    * I am stuck at a crossroad since I am of mexican decent. I know that Mexico is not a great place for a family to be raised due to lack of resources or financial reasons. Immigration will always be a topic that affects me. I don't really think it is right to cross illegaly because it's still breaking the law and wrong. But also they have to do it so that they can try and have a better life for themselves.
    * In my opinion 9/11 was a set up and was only meant to benefit others.
    * The government is corrupt and everyone knows it
    * Universal Healthcare is pointless in my opinion since most people that usually don't have healthcare because they don't have the funds to allow to have it.
    * Education needs to be rebuilt from scratch
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    I think my big one is just the complete concept of seperating kids from reality at a young age.. Telling them lies, hiding what the real world is like, and ultimately just decieving them. I really don't believe in it.. You're basically setting your kid up to get let down or heart broken.

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    Quote Originally Posted by firefly View Post
    I think my big one is just the complete concept of seperating kids from reality at a young age.. Telling them lies, hiding what the real world is like, and ultimately just decieving them. I really don't believe in it.. You're basically setting your kid up to get let down or heart broken.
    My mom would agree with you, She always treated me like if I was old enough to ask then I was old enough to know the answer. I appreciate that she did this because I was a kid that could handle that stuff but im not sure if I would be like hey kid, lets go to mexico and see the drug war first hand, you shelter them partially because you are keeping them safe, but I do think to many kids are coddled and left crippled as adults because they were never taught basic life skills.
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    Quote Originally Posted by D_Moralize View Post
    but I do think to many kids are coddled and left crippled as adults because they were never taught basic life skills.
    Indeed, my point exactly... I agree their should be some filtering of reality but not to the point where it warps a child's view of what is real and what is make believe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ecks Nine View Post
    idea from http://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/co...rsial_opinion/

    Intelligent discussions only, as these topics will very likely be disagreed upon. You may state why you disagree with them but bashing will not be tolerated and I will ask for this thread to be closed if it gets out of control.

    I may post another but a big thing I often don't mention in everyday conversations is not believing in god. I never tell people not to believe in him or tell them they are stupid for believing in a higher power, but I don't believe it exists. Being Mexican, I grew up in the catholic faith. As a kid, I pretty much went to church every Sunday did my first communion and everything. But I always loathed going. My family eventually stopped going regularly after my parents divorced. So into my teenage years I didn't really go to church, but the foundation was there and I still believed. There wasn't a reason not to, everyone I knew accepted it as truth without hesitation, almost like math. Then I started to question certain aspect, which I won't get into. But eventually I had so many questions that it outweighed the religion that I had learned. I get weird looks and nasty comments sometimes when people find out I'm an atheist. I've had people tell me I'm going to hell because I don't believe there is a god. So I usually keep it to myself unless I am asked. Whenever my family gets together we always do a big prayer and I don't make a scene or anything I just go along with it for the most part.

    Me too, man. I was raised Catholic and stopped believing around middle school. I still tell people I'm Catholic because people where I'm from just can't handle it. It's amazing really.

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    Quote Originally Posted by N!TRO View Post
    IDK somethings should not be brought up in the manner like this. I'm talking about the military of course. I understand you have your views, thats great because thats the beauty of being a American and a young one at that learning to voice it can be controversial at sometimes. I honestly think you really have the grasp of how things really are in the military. We are a brotherhood, a family, better yet a community. We take care of our family members and others around us. I known a few that have fallen, my father has many that have fallen (Vietnam), a great uncle died in WW2. Might be a family of tradition and values, and you maybe right in your view on the current war. All I am saying is military discussions, in this manner are almost as bad as the group forefront called out. I have respect for everyone in this community and ALL military members in TLN. I am proud to say I love every member in the armed forces as if they are my family. this post is not bashing, its just my view when and how things should be said aloud.

    Much respect
    I very strongly agree with this
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    A few:
    Those on death row (and perhaps those who have a life sentence) should be given to scientists so they can have human test subjects for experimental drugs and such.
    The US should adopt much harsher penalties for DUIs. 1 time = big fine or jail time (1mo or so). 2 = 1 year. 3 = life (fuck you drunk drivers.)
    Every man must pass a military training program and be reevaluated every 3 years. (Don't have to enlist, just pass the training.)
    Classes (or any workplace test) should be catered to the smartest, not the middle or dumbest. Stop lowering standards.
    NASA should get a lot more money.
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