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    6 Team LAN Schedule Feb. 17th- 20th 2011

    6th Team Lan Schedule : Instinct/FB/Legendz/VS/RC/Carbon


    6:00pm:Series 1: Instinct vs Legendz (Carbon/FB/RC/VS out)

    9:00pm: Series 2: Legendz vs Carbon // Reality Check vs Final Boss (Instinct and Legendz out)

    12:00am: Series 3: Instinct vs Victorious Secret // Reality Check vs Carbon (Legendz/ Final Boss out)


    2:30pm: Series 4: Reality Check vs Legendz // Final Boss vs Victorious Secret (Instinct/ Carbon out)

    6:00pm: Series 5: Instinct vs Final Boss // Victorious Secret vs Carbon (Reality Check / Legendz out)

    9:00pm: Series 6: Instinct vs Carbon // Victorious Secret vs Legendz (Reality Check/ Final Boss)

    12:00am: Series 7: Victorious Secret vs Reality Check // Final Boss vs Legendz (Instinct/ Carbon out)


    2:30pm: Series 8: Final Boss vs Carbon // Instinct vs Reality Check (Victorious Secret/ Legendz out)

    6:00pm: Series 9: Final Boss vs Victorious Secret // Carbon vs Legendz (Instinct/ Reality Check out)

    9:00pm: Series 10: Instinct vs Final Boss // Legendz vs Reality Check (Victorious Secret/ Carbon out)

    12:00am: Series 11: Instinct vs Victorious Secret // Carbon vs Reality Check ( Final Boss/ Legendz out)

    6th Team Lan Tournament

    3:00pm: Winners Bracket Round 1 (#3 vs #6) // (#4 vs #5)
    4:15pm: Warm Up
    4:45pm: Winners Bracket Round 2 (#1 vs #3/#6) // (#2 vs #4/#5)
    6:00pm: Warm Up
    6:30pm: Losers Bracket Round 1
    7:45pm: Warm Up
    8:15pm: Winners Bracket Finals // Losers Bracket Semi Finals
    9:30pm: Warm Up
    10:00pm: Losers Bracket Finals
    11:15pm: Warm Up
    11:45pm: Finals
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    is there someplace that will be updated with scores and everything!?!
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    thanks courtney!<3 is there going to be score updates?
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    haha thanks eddie, but yes I'm also making a post with the lan scores.

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    Reality Check is keeping most of their games pretty close, they just need to get more clutch at the end of games and they will impress alot of people by the end of Sunday, Bert and Coby are playing great

    Instinct is proving that all of their LAN practice is paying off

    Legendz is playing solid

    Victorious Secret seems like they are playing flat, but I know that they will play better tomorrow

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    How do we watch it live

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    Quote Originally Posted by TLN Nightside View Post
    How do we watch it live
    Go to http://thelannetwork.com/stream during the time the matches are taking place. Today that would be from 2:30pm - 2:00am-ish EST.
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