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Thread: Halo 3 Server

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    Halo 3 will always be filled with derankers & foreigners.

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    i derank to like help my friends but its low level no one seems to care much, but you know id find some kids for customs add me if you want i still play
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    Quote Originally Posted by dale View Post
    Halo 3 will always be filled with derankers & foreigners.
    You are right. But why do they still do it?
    Halo 3 was a pretty good game, but since Reach is newer with a slightly better connection, the guy whoever posted this thread might as well stick to playing Reach.
    I hope though that one day the matchmaking system in a Halo game is decent, because I don't like H3's or Reach's because of many reasons.
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    I'm pretty sure XBConnect supports Halo 3, and there's no point in deranking because it's all customs.

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    Halo 3 is still a very good game even if there are derankers. They should keep it going at least until halo 4 comes out. Reach isn't perfect I have played in matches and got a deranker on my team several times.

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