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Thread: Fire Emblem

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    For a second, I hoped this thread would involve me somehow.. Sadly I don't think a thread would ever be made about me =/

    Elamite is a Beast

    "A 4v4 game comes down to how you move around the map, help your teammates, spawn your teammates, block the enemie's spawns, decisions on objective plays and much more."

    "I am a fan of quality over quantity practice and our team would only have a handful of quality practices in between each event." - Elamite

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    Quote Originally Posted by Niko View Post
    It sucks that the first 7 of them are only available in Japan, and those were incredible games apparently.
    I played one of them, and I thought it was great! If you want to play one, just download an emulator, the rom, and a patch to translate the game into english

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