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    Introduce yourself

    This subsection was made for members to create threads in order to introduce themselves to the community. I'm sure that you will be welcomed happily, and we look forward to seeing more people actively participate in the forums.

    I guess I'll start..

    Name: Joey Pennacchio
    Age: 21
    Lives in: San Diego
    Favorite Games: Halo: CE, Halo Reach, EarthBound, FFVII, FFX, Mario Party, MvC3
    Hobbies: Snowboarding, Longboarding, Surfing, TLN, Gaming, Photography, Cooking/Raw food making

    I live above the influence and I'm completely vegan. I have a girlfriend named Kim (@Kim_Fries on twitter) and we have been dating for almost 2 years now. I love traveling and trying out new things, as long as they aren't going to harm my body. I firmly believe that life is measured by the experiences that are had in it.

    Now make a thread and join the community! It's a great way to get your first post in the books!
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