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    i SOOO called BTH doing work!

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    Thank god I'm a BtH fan, when did streaming start last night?
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    Pretty happy with Powers series yesterday, 7-4 to classic isn't bad considering how much time Power have actually put in over the last 2-3 weeks

    And for them to win 2 slayers is good, their objectives are far better than their slayers.

    I can see BtH winning Dallas from these performances. Shame about the 11-0 Warriors got handed to them but i dont think it will affect how the play the last few days hopefully Side and Robbie B heat up as i have them in my fantasy team.
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    Lololol cmon warriors, step it up, i wasnt expecting any 11-0s during this lan with how good the teams are. I think final boss is still the best team here, they just keep getting better. They were playing like crap that first series and still won 5 games against bth.
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    yeh i didnt expect bth to be doing this well n also tD after the last lan beating Instinct idk wtf gonna happen at dallas

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    Seems to me that the top teams at this lan are BTH and FB but some people play worse on less sleep friday will be the real test.
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    People that are confused about Warriors obviously do not watch Robbie B's stream. The warriors have not practiced at all. They only played two scrims in the past 2-3 weeks and barley any matchmaking.

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    bth is only doing well because they've only played two totally unprepared teams. Final Boss usually has to warm up and like an earlier post stated that Warriors were playing their first series against an already warm team(bth).

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    NOOOOOOOOOOO totally forgot this was on, awell there is always the next few days to watch. BTH doing work, not suprised with roster tbh.

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    Awhh Warriors I hope they were just warming up that first day and bring there A game tonight.
    Str8 Rippin fan always but untill they come back i'll chill with Warriors.

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