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Thread: Maple Story

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    I have a friend who plays this he is level like 120+ or something redic lol! I would play with him but im to far behind! Wow is better but i dont have the money to play anymore after cata came out i had money to play for 2 months then no more o well Halo is better!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Makin View Post
    Also on another note H3NRI3 is Warriors number 1 fan just so everyone knows

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrkillboy View Post
    Grand Fantasia was fun.
    Korean Turfbattles was fun. - If you don't mind everything being in Korean. But, everything you need to know that English players will help you with it -
    9Dragons was really good.

    I can't think of any at this exact moment.
    Grand Fantasia was pretty fun, but it got deleted and I'm to lazy to download it.
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    I do ! In Windia what world do you play in? (:

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    Maplestory is a very addicting game. I also play this, not quite as often as before but I play in Scania.
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    I tried for a while, i could just never get hooked...

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    Oh man! MS was so addicting, until i got on a hacked server and leveled up to 100+ in less than a day...

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    I just play Halo An LOL pretty much the best 2 games and best of all League of Legends is free ftw!

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