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    Quote Originally Posted by Niko View Post
    I posted this on the Epic Forums

    "Okay this game has the potential to be amazing but there are a couple of things that need to be fixed.
    -Sawed-Off needs to be nerfed or taken out, same with the Retro Lancer.
    -Frags/Digger need to register more when I shoot/throw two frags the first one never registers.
    -Cover system is extremely clunky just like Gears 1, I can't get around cover sometimes, it's also unresponsive as well.
    -Frags explode as soon as they're thrown sometimes.
    -Gnasher isn't that consistent, sometimes I get 1 shotted from medium range after I put 3 shots.
    -The lag is just becoming unbearable whether it be public or ranked since it's P2P.
    -The Pistols damage needs to upped and needs to be able to headshot.
    -Mantle Kick needs to have a button to press.
    -The Revive Notification needs to be like how it was in Gears 2."

    @steelcity007: The skunker medal means you shut out a team, 2-0 them basically.
    Thank you sir,
    as for your post, I'm going to friendly disagree with you on a few things.

    My friends and I had a long discussion about sawed off and came to the conclusion that it is just best if left alone. Yes, it obliterates anything in its path from point blank, but that's the thing....it has to be point blank. 1. He has to get there. Mow him down with your AR before he can come close to you, all 3 will do the job, and 2. as soon as that big moron misses with the thing, it takes forever to reload, rush the shit out of him and blow him to bits.

    Retro lancer i feel is fine as well, but i could see some damage modification.

    I haven't had any registration problems with frags or diglett yet, and i feel they're pretty effective, but could just be my luck lol.

    I thought the cover system was pretty smooth and I can bounce around the map with ease, but I have come to points where I can't get around certain pieces or get blocked by some without jumping it.

    Gnasher I completely agree with.

    Lag- 2 words : Dedicated Servers <3

    Pistol is god awful and does no damage for me at all, boltok I can do some stuff with and gorgon is great, but snub is terrible.

    Mantle kick pisses me the hell off, but I feel that it has it's valuable use. Having its own button isn't really necessary though considering you're jumping over the object regardless, if there happens to be a guy there, then you knock him back.

    Overall, I feel that a lot of the things you said could go either way, just giving my POV on them, not trying to start any violent discussion lolz.

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    I'm writing a full review at the end of this week. I want to play as much as I can.

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