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    I used to play a ton but here's what I didn't like about the game. It started off fun, played with friends we were leveling up had a good core for a party. Got to around level 25 or so and you start to realize that you are gonna get picked up in parties last because you don't have a sub job. Well damn! So you are like "Oh, ok, let me see, I'd like to get a baller sub job". So you pick one that you have to do a quest for, but of course you really need a 75 (that was the cap at the time I played) to just kinda take you through and do the quest for you. So now you just spent a ton of time getting to 30 and new areas. Too bad, start from 1 again and level up your sub job. You need to make sure your sub job is worth something to the class you want.

    Me? I picked DRK. Why? Because they seemed cool and seemed to put out some big numbers. Well little did I know once you start getting up to 50+ your hit rating is atrocious. You need to stack up on that sole sushi or something, and if you can't afford it, you will definitely miss out on some parties. As a DRK there are so many more options for better party comp than you, which sucks. At this point I had taken some time off the game so my friends were way higher and I had no friends to go level with.

    I've played both WoW and FFXI, and the one thing I liked about WoW was the ability to do stuff on your own. I think in an MMO there is a time and place to do stuff alone, then theres the big quests and stuff you need a party to do. Once you hit like level 10 or so in FFXI, that marks the end of being able to do stuff on your own. Even just trying to run around to a new place A. Takes for ever until you get a chocobo and B. You'll agro a goblin and next thing you know your dead, lose EXP, and are out either all the way back at town if you didn't set you your home point or whatever it's called.

    Don't get me wrong I had a lot of fun playing this game and it was pretty cool. But to be honest this was my first MMO and I think had I played WoW before it, I probably would have quit sooner. For the longest time I defended FFXI to my WoW friends and tbh I was just wrong I think. The game just seems so hard to start from a new character. I've watched end game content and my friends do it, and that all seems awesome, but I think the grinding to get to end game is terrible, and is not something new players enjoy. Money is also hard to come by in that game if I remember correctly. Unless you feel like spending hours duking it out with other campers when a mob pops or something, it's just not a pleasant experience.

    Sorry, to seem like a hater. Definitely had some good memories from the game and it was fun while I was enjoying it. I tried FFXIV and that was just terrible in beta. Been trying to see if they've fixed it lately.
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    got to level 13 last night with King! im stoked im gonna get my Subjob Today.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HavkinKnight View Post
    got to level 13 last night with King! im stoked im gonna get my Subjob Today.
    Thats awesome! The fact that they doubled the exp makes me want to play it again, but I'm involved with so many games right now...

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