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    Alias of the Month

    Alias of the Month

    The "Alias of the Month" contest is our way of giving thanks to those that have truly helped us reach our goals and those of the community. We would like to reward the members that display star characteristics on a day to day basis here at The LAN Network. We understand that there are many of you out there that have dedicated yourselves to the success of our great cause. We feel that it is now our turn to repay you for all of your great efforts. We are pleased to introduce a new monthly competition that we will be launching to show our gratitude. This competition will reward one member each month based on the manner in which you apply yourself. In order to become a candidate for this monthly contest, one must express and act according to the following guidelines and expectations.

    === Keys to Success ===
    1. Member must be active on TLN website and forums.
    2. Member must display maturity and respect for others.
    3. Member must display a positive, encouraging attitude for TLN "new-comers" and existing users.
    4. Member should make helpful forum posts and/or contributions to the website (No "Trolling")
    5. Member should help spread the word about TLN and share the website with others.

    If you feel as if you fulfill the items listed above, you may very well be the next to win! Keep up the good work! We greatly appreciate all of you.

    + Free Two Months of Premium Access
    + Signed LAN Laminate from Latest LAN (ex. here)


    Congratulations to our Winners:

    2010 October 1st: itwuzmagic
    2010 November 1st: HavkinKnight
    2010 December 1st: Luke
    2011 January 1st: TACO
    2011 February 1st: KRILLIN
    2011 March 1st: Shelly
    2011 April 1st: canadian.gym
    2011 June 1st: D Moralize
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