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Thread: Fantasy Camp 5

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    The LANhammer
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    Fantasy Camp 5

    TLN Fantasy Camp #5

    After seeing how the first Pros. vs. Joes went, we at the LAN Network want to bring the experience of the fantasy camp to more people and to give the opportunity to attend to as many aspiring players as possible. From this point forward the price to attend the upcoming TLN Fantasy Camp will be reduced from $600.00 down to $495.00 - in addition any repeat fantasy camp members will pay only $395.00. We feel that the incredible experience interacting with Pros and enjoying the amenities of the Gaming House should be more financially available to all those that are interested. In contrast to our first Fantasy Camp, all future camps will feature 6 pro players playing alongside the camp members. Similar to the first Fantasy Camp each pro player will partake in a draft of the camp members on the first night, arranging 6 teams of 1 Pro and 3 Joe's to LAN for the weekend. Friday night each camp member will be evaluated by the pro players through a series of free for all competitions to better understand the skill level of each player for the draft. Following the draft Friday night, each team will play 1 series leading into 4 series throughout the day Saturday. Sunday, as at all official TLN LAN's, will be the double elimination tournament where seeding is determined by a teams overall win/loss record.

    Weekend Highlights:
    + Staying and interacting with the Pros all weekend long at the
    Gaming House!
    + Playing with the Pro Captain of your team 3 straight days!
    + Streaming all weekend!
    + Playing the same format that the Lan Network uses for all Lans
    including Fantasy Stats, Records and Interactive Fantasy!
    + All food will be provided by The Lan Network prepared by Mrs P!
    + Transportation to and from the airport

    These are only a few of the benefits we have to offer and again, don’t miss your chance to compete and learn from the best in the business!

    - Mr P

    Pro Players Attending:

    July 6th - 8th

    - Everybody should arrive at O'hare airport (ORD) no later than 5:00 pm CST Friday night. If you can arrive earlier on Friday please do so.
    - Leave on July 9th.


    Wednesday (Day 1)
    Free play with the pro's so they can evaluate your talents.
    Friday nights each of the 6 pro's will have a draft with the 18 players that are there. Each of the 6 teams will consist of 1 pro and 3 Joes.
    Pool play will begin after the draft.

    Thursday (Day 2)
    We will have the pool play continue to see who has the best record for seeding purposes.

    Friday (Day 3)
    We will finish pool play on Sunday and begin the tournament Sunday night.

    Saturday (Day 4)
    Travel home.

    Transportation costs are not included in the Fantasy Camp payment and should be handled by the camp member.

    If flying:
    Chicago O'Hare (ORD)
    - Transportation to and from the airport is provided.

    If Driving:
    - If driving, the gaming house address will be provided after purchase.

    $495 / person
    - Price covers all food and lodging
    - Price does not include travel expenses

    To Reserve a Spot:
    - Private Message "Mr P" on the TLN website (serious inquiries only)

    Extra Notes:
    - Make sure to bring your controller / headset
    - First 18 paid get in - first come first serve
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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe Fries View Post
    July 6-8
    Gotcha, just messaged the man. Signing up asap. Will you be there?
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    I love you

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    The LANhammer
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    As a matter of fact, I will be.

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    Sounds like lots of Fun!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Makin View Post
    Also on another note H3NRI3 is Warriors number 1 fan just so everyone knows

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    LAN Helsing
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    I guess I am not meant to go to a PvJ... Oh well. I am not going to give up though. I have faith that I will be able to go one day. I hope who ever goes has a blast and can't wait to watch this happen.
    GT: Kevin Smallz


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    Maybe i go to this one too hehe Going to need to work my ass off to afford it though...

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    This is perfect for me. I PM'ed Mr P and now I'm so pumped.

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    Bruce LANner
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    I'll see if I am able to attend.
    They are a ton of fun!

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    I wonder if it will be the same pros since they are only a week apart.

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    The LANhammer
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    Quote Originally Posted by slippyal2 View Post
    I wonder if it will be the same pros since they are only a week apart.
    I doubt it.

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