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Thread: Free Agents

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    F/A with coach... I'm not too far from Chicago.

    GT: Milky Shaake

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    addd me irockhalen i play all day mlg =) add 4 customs and mlg matchmaking

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    Sep 2012
    Northants, UK

    GT: Fresh Prince V
    Times you are online: Mon-Thurs pretty much all day majority of the time. Fri-sun 7pm - 12pm GMT.
    About me: UK Player so looking for preferably an EU team, looking to compete at EGL etc. Not really played Reach as much as i would of liked other than MLG occasionally, hopefully find a team to compete on Halo 4 with.
    Role: Play the Support role mainly, can run objective good too. Good all round team player and communicator.

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