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    Whats up everybody!

    Hey guys! Whats up? So ive finally been able to get on here alot more and watch the lans now that Im done with high school Ive been involved with MLG since the end of 07 around the time when halo 3 came out so I figured since Im so involved over on the mlg forums I thought I might as well do the same here! Im just your average kid, I love sports, working out, gaming, music, hanging out with my friends and just living life! If you want to add me on XBL to run reach, my GT is pRoTo923. Im always looking for people to play the playlist and customs with. thanks guys and cant wait to be more involved with TLN!

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    Los Angeles

    hi and welcome! i'm in the same boat as you; i'm on summer break now and i'm just trying to get more involved with the community. add me and lets play some mm/customs. (my gt is my username)

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