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    May 2010

    Quote Originally Posted by Clipzyy View Post
    Team Name: Man Dimes

    Members Gamertags: Clipzyy, Ray Done Dirty, (?), (?)

    Times Available: after 4:30 P.M Pacific Time on Weekdays: Everyday Weekends: Everyday

    Goals: We are just trying to get solid, quality practice in everyday. Maybe like 3-4 hours of QUALITY practice. Really get our team shot down and map control as well. Honestly in playlist, we should be able to go on streaks of 7-8 games easy with a full team...message Me...(Clipzyy) to run games.. we are a to2..
    like the 7 game win streak where every ts game was a steak dinner

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    Dec 2010
    Warren, MI

    Team Name: None yet

    Members Gamertags:Annexin, LFGundown

    Times Available: After 3:00PM EST Weekdays:5-6 Days out of the week Weekends: All

    Goals:Our goals are to start praticeing for Raleigh early so that we can have a solid team for the event, We would want to practice a lot and scrim a bunch of teams to ensure that we are ready for Raleigh when the time comes, so message me or Gundown on XBL to start running games for Raleigh .
    GT: Annexin

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    Northern Jersey

    Astro Gaming
    Team Name: Crossfire
    Members Gamertags: cF WiNGER, TheBerry vG
    Times Available: Weekdays 9pm-1am EST...Weekends times vary whenever we can all get on (weekend times will be figured out during that week)
    Goals: To perform well in GB and attend MLG Orlando '11
    Chill Streak
    LuNxTiC, l hauger l, CA YNOT BE FIVIN, COMPR3MIZED

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    Mar 2011

    Thanks guys for ignoring my post and not putting it up on the front page... Thanks

    Keep it 100 '11 GB/Orlando
    Clipzyy-Ray Done Dirty-HeLuSiK-Skeiith

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    Ann Arbor

    Fantasy Camper
    Astro Gaming
    Quote Originally Posted by Clipzyy View Post
    Thanks guys for ignoring my post and not putting it up on the front page... Thanks
    sorry i skipped you by accident, updated today, and got you in.
    ˙ʎɹoןƃ sʇı uı ןıɐɟ sɹǝɥʇo ןןɐ ˙ǝʇısqǝʍ ʇsǝq ǝɥʇ sı ʞɹoʍʇǝu uɐן ǝɥʇ

    The Summer League http://thelannetwork.com/forum/showt...-Summer-League

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    Jul 2010
    Hamilton, Ohio

    Team Name: N/a
    Members Gamertags: Squiality, Nitenow
    Times Available: based off of work schedule
    Just call me Squee!

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    Bruce LANner
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    Nov 2010
    Cherry Point Nc

    Astro Gaming
    Team Name: Los Mochilas
    Members Gamertags: This Guy PWNAGE, In 2the Ertia
    Times Available: Weekdays: after 4:30 pm-10pm Weekends:ALL DAY ErrY day!!
    Goals:First page GB and Top 32 at Raleigh
    This Guy Pwnage | In 2the Ertia

    My First Montage (H3/HR)

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    Team Name: Running on E
    Members Gamertags: sD Sanction, sD Companion, sD CrackaJack
    Times Available: 24/7
    Goals: To be able to communicate and work together well and attend events

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    MidKnight HMU if you still havent found a 4th im very dedicated and always willing to learn GT: GummyBearAddict

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    The team name is still being decided.
    Members Gamertags: C0NFL1CT, TonsorialPlane4, ?, ?
    Coach: WickedestElf
    Times Available: Pretty much all day Weekdays:All day Weekends: All day
    Goals:To get better as a team and possibly compete in future Gamebattles tournaments and events

    Team name is FaTaL ConVictioN
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