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    Great idea. I'm not really sure what I am to be honest, but sure as hell feel more comfortable being taught than teaching now so put me as a noob. lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by DeeLuv View Post
    Great idea. I'm not really sure what I am to be honest, but sure as hell feel more comfortable being taught than teaching now so put me as a noob. lol
    Use the layout he put at the beginning of this post.. so the "teacher" can TEACH you.

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    I'm a noob
    Andrew is a God - 0 event exp - Central time - Anything Warlock - no aim
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eclipse View Post
    Fixed it for you.
    Except the fact that i'm not from West Virginia, thanks i guess. Im from virginia

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    This sounds like a great idea! Lets hope everything can be put into place, I can help out also!

    Teacher: Inexist

    Gamertag: Lnexist,

    Event Exp: I live in United Kingdom, no event xp but however I did place top Individual Joe with Towey in the second Pro's Vs Joe's 2011 "2" March 11th and also play with some well known Halo EU Reach Players and Top Pro's.

    Time Zone: To most Americans I am around 5-6 Hours ahead of you all so if I will be teaching around 11pm 12am 1am area my time.

    Favorite Gametypes: Slayer and Flag.

    Send me a message for more information, I would be glad to be of any assistance. =)

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    i really enjoy playing the objective but struggle in the slaying role in order to play that objective, looking to be a solid support player and attend an event, but i need a lot of work first haha

    Great idea btw Hass, very unique way to involve the community at helping improve the community.
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    Teacher/Noob...If someone has something new to teach me I will be elated, I'm always looking to improve my game.

    Im Broody- H2 '07 Chicago, Gears 2 '09 Meadows '09 Columbus '09 Dallas, H3 Nashville Combine, HR '10 Dallas '11 Dallas '11 Columbus - Central- Don't Have a Favorite really - No Aim

    I won't be going to Anaheim, because it is a west coast event and like many other gamers it is just to far to travel. I will be attending Raleigh. We had a last minute fourth for Columbus and my team is now looking for one.

    We want to find a fourth soon so we can really get a lot of practice in and so we can actually rely on our teamwork in Raleigh. I'm a strategist,which I think all players are to a certain extent, and I can play the game well. I don't just spawn and start shooting or just automatically hold up on the left stick. I think about each spawn as much as I can and the situation that my team maybe in at that point in time and what I need to do to help my team get out of it.

    Whether we are three dead and about to spawn or if I die, but my team is still pushed up and I decide what I should do when I spawn and where to go...So many people don't think about what they do in the game and they are just on autopilot it seems. This is something you can't do.

    If you are the player that spawns and just finds the opposite team and calls the guy out your shooting at and then you get mad that you aren't getting help, remember you are not the only person on the team and try to be reactive to more of your teammates callouts and not be so proactive in your own gameplay.

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    This is not the thread to be discussing your own tactics or trying to recruit a 4th.
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    LOL if your graphics are god, i just turned atheist.

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    Good luck with this. I hope it goes better then the last 3.

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