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    Quote Originally Posted by DownSide View Post
    Westboro is not a Church its a cult
    Even as a non believer I have to say don't pay any mind to the WBC.

    2 out of 3 Pros agree the worst Joe to ever attend Pros vs Joes.
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    Thank you for the very fun discussion
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    The thing about religion in general is that there is too much to study both for, and against. There are very few that take the time to pick a side and devote years of research to the topic. Even then, they generally get a one sided argument that leaves no room for a counter argument.

    1. That's not proper debate, and causes the argument to be a fallacy since it assumes that the argument in itself is absolute.
    2. There will never be a true, visible proof of God's existence until the Rapture (if it happens).

    All I'm saying is that, no one can truly rule out the existence of God, just like no one can completely prove that He exists. Believe what you are going to believe, but keep an open mind. You will be thankful later in life.

    Also, I believe that Jesus died on the cross and I was allowed forgiveness through him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by canadian.gym View Post
    haha how have I not seen that yet

    Quote Originally Posted by Jakerdot View Post
    Right, but how can you question someone's faith? Faith isn't tangible, it needs no explanation. Faith is something that no matter what, it is what you believe in. Just because you have a particular view of something yourself, doesn't mean you have any justification in questioning another persons belief in the same thing. It's not the same thing as right vs. wrong. Faith has no truths. What your describing is someone who cannot justify what they believe in, but that doesn't mean they don't have faith in it. For instance, I can place faith in something I know will never happen.
    Thats all true, but I think questioning our own faith is a healthy thing, not telling people they are wrong. When someone has a theory or thinks something questions are encouraged because it will either make the claim stronger or fall apart. My little brother would believe everything I tell him, so if I say the moon is made of cheese should his teachers be considered rude when they ask him to rethink that? The smartest religious people I know are the ones who encourage hard questions, if they don't have the answer they look for it, and I think that is a great way to grow as a person, not just is a religious or spiritual way, but that is one area where many people think it is bad to do so and I disagree.
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