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    anyone play X Link Kai?? (just like XBC)

    What's up you guys?

    So I am a Mac owner and XBC does not work on my Operating System. So I have turned to X Link Kai for free online play of old games. Does anyone use X Link Kai (it's almost exactly like XBC) to play Halo 1 or 2?

    If you don't already have this program, please visit:

    http://www.teamxlink.co.uk and click downloads to download the software (mac or PC ) and once it is installed go BACK to the website and create a username then login. Once installed the program should open in your browser. Then all you have to do is enter the username and password you created and login to view the arenas.

    I have a great connection so I can host games of Halo:CE or Halo 2 (:drool: ), I just need people to play with! I prefer to play MLG customs, but Halo 2 is a fun game to mess around in.

    If anyone is interested in reliving the immense joy that was BxR'ing nubs in Halo 2, download this program and post your username here.

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    I will look into it
    GT: The iMeRC
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    i used it way back in the day. pretty fun. lots of people who mod though
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    Username = Romeoisburning

    I'm not always online, but when I am I choose Xlink Kai.

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    I just dl'd it. Anyone playing?
    Hit me up for anything!

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    I never knew of this before and own a mac, looking into it now! But, how would I go about getting the H2 update? I have the Reach 360 slim and I don't have the update anymore with H2 being offline.

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    I play it often! If you want a good amount of people for H2, play in the South America section. I'm hoping North America start's getting more into it!
    It's a great program.

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