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    Hello community :)

    hello there,well idk if you guys have a thread like this but eh, i have been playing the mlg playlist and im tired of running with randoms who dont listen to call outs or even have a mic! so basically i am here to find ppl to run games with. You dont have to be AMAZING (cuz im not saying im the BEST mlg player lol) but at least be good with call outs and be a chill person
    soooo, if ur interested add me on xbl: Fuuh NominaaL
    Xbl: Fuuh NominaaL

    or add me facebook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001343752996


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    Mar 2011

    gt- Clipzyy hmu

    Keep it 100 '11 GB/Orlando
    Clipzyy-Ray Done Dirty-HeLuSiK-Skeiith

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    GT: DeadlyRogue

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    Gt; via Ghosty

    GT ; via Ghosty
    Okay, im banned from GameBattles until Aug 11th for reporting I lost. Stupid.
    Ninja, Aassualt, Pistola, and Roy are my fav. players.
    I know people think Pistola, Roy, and Ninja are overrated players, but guess what im not a fanboy. I like them and thats it, I dont try to add them, and if there streaming and doing open lobbies for viewers, I try to get in. Like the other 500+ people usually watching them. Kbai

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    Hi welcome to thelannetwork!!

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