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crazy prize pool. I wish bungie would've released reach like that could you imagine. I don't know much about these dota lol and hon type games but they all are very similar right? Do top players stick to one game or are they just as good in any of them? Or is there really only a tournament scene for one of them?
DotA was huge. Mainly not in the US. Actually you can tell by the teams that had beta access, the ones competing in the tourny, are all outside of NA. DotA however being a custom mod of WC3 left a lot of stuff in it that couldn't really be fixed or changed so when LoL and HoN were created, to my knowledge non of the competitive DotA players (the ones people have heard of at least) transferred to either of those games. LoL picked up fresh professional players out of competitions such as WCG. LoL had their own tournament circuit system they used to determine the winner of their season one playoffs. HoN isn't driven as much by a esports centered company such as the one running LoL. They've had tournament and been featured in a few WCG events but it's never had the success either of the other two games have had. Which imo can be blamed mostly that you have to pay a subscription to be able to play it while DotA and LoL are completely free to play games.

I'm sure when DotA 2 comes out that some LoL and HoN players will try it out and even make the switch all depending on the success of the game. However, LoL is dominating the field of MOBA games so unless DotA 2 pulls out some huge changes then I imagine most of the MOBA players will stick with LoL.

I think one of the things holding these games back is that no one wants to be the first one to make it pay to play after seeing the amount of failure of HoN.