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    Please Cancel My Membership

    Sorry to go about it like this, but im doing it this way because you all are clearly so busy. i know you are so busy because i've followed the instructions to cancel to the T and have sent 3 emails dating as far back as 7-26-11....after waiting over a week and a half i pm'd mr p. I sent that on the 4th of this month. i initiated this process with days to spare at the end of july because i wanted to avoid being billed for august....at this point i do not care about that i just want to have my request granted. again, if you look back at your emails you will see 3 from me that i sent to the email address provided for this exact sort of thing....only after sending 3 did i pm mr p. 7 days have passed since then so i feel more than comfortable making this thread.....thank you for all that you've done and do....and thank you in advance for carrying out my request. take care. one love

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    Why does it seem like people who want to cancel their memberships, always struggle with it. Can people who want to cancel their memberships simply just go on paypal and request them to not get charge anymore by this site? I'm just asking, so if anybody knows could you reply on here please.
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    im still a premium member....and i dont want to be

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    im still a member

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    im still a member....1 whole week ago 2 different mods told me via pm that this was going to get taken care of. looks like more and more people are having this problem. i said in my op that i sent my first email (to the specified address) july 26th. if i'm not cancelled by the end of this month im having my atty make contact with the site on principle alone. this is bullshit. there's no exuse at this point....being busy, sidetracked or whatever else is not an excuse. i've sent 4 emails to the correct link and 2 pm's to mr p and 1 each to 2 different mods. and now im seeing that more people are having the same problem?

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    I hav the same question but im still a member

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    Try rick@thelannetwork.com, Mr. P sold the site quite a while ago. If you paid through paypal I would honestly try canceling on that end though. Mods have various powers outside of the forums, and I can tell you that I have no ability to cancel a paid membership, and I'm not sure which if any mods do. It may even possible that the membership is still being paid to Mr. P and not the new owners, although that seems unlikely. I will try to find out what to do.
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