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    Man thats a killer poster.

    I'm kinda torn on this still. Huk has always been my favorite starcraft player, and i've always been kinda anti EG cuz i love Liquid.

    Very interesting.

    Go huk, regardless of what team he's on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Araneatrox View Post
    What happened with Jinro is kinda a shame. Before he went to Korea he had his very own style. Kinda Mech, Kinda bio. But being in Korea he has adopted the Korean style and he doesn't play it well.
    Thats kinda what I figured, his early success against Koreans came I think by catching them off guard with a style they hadn't seen before. It really sucks to see him lose that creative style and blend in with the norm because he was the foreign scene's greatest hope. Its up to HuK and IdrA to really show what the foreigners can do.

    On another note, who do you think that EG might get to move in with the trio. I cant see a house of three players succeeding because there isnt enough variety. Hopefully other EG players come to Korea but with the new "EG Lair" I predict that EG may try and pick up or partner with a Korean team like Team Liquid/oGs or FXO/fOu. Im excited for the future of EG!

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    eg is now over 9000!! this is awesome and that Photo is amazing!
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    Quote Originally Posted by HavkinKnight View Post
    eg is now over 9000!! this is awesome and that Photo is amazing!
    i support this statement
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