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    This is sad to see. It's been a dream of mine for awhile to go to a PvJ.

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    I know I am not alone when I say I'm sad to see this go, I would like to thank the Pennachio family for pouring so much time and resources into the site we all loved for so long, hopefully you will look back on TLN with fondness like we will and not with regret. I would also like to personally thank all of the others who invested our time into this site like and helped ease the burden off of the P's. Not seeing the Lans before events will take getting used to, but like it has been said a million times before everyone and their mom streams now, so that is not what I think I will miss most, What I will miss most is you guys. As we lose our most common connection to each other it is inevitable that the majority of us will fall out of contact, so to you guys out playing Sc2 or Lol, or Street Fighter or Marvel, or the ones who will stick it out with Halo, thank you too, in my eyes you were all a piece of what made this site special and If I don't talk to you again I wish you all the best of luck in the real world.
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    I was a fairly late joiner to the party here, and regret not ever being able to get up to Chicago to attend a Pros vs. Joes. Quite frankly I wanted to get my skill level to the point where I could legitimately contribute to whatever pro picked me up and not be an anchor. Simply put, I wanted to impress when I did get up there. I guess I ran out of time.

    I guess the writing was on the wall here, with the site not being updated for a while - the July 24-27 LAN was still being promoted - and people asking left and right to drop their memberships. I never did, and never was going to, as I wanted to do whatever I could to promote the site on Twitter, word of mouth, or any other medium. This was a good thing, and an incredible venture by Mr. P done out of love for Halo and his son's professional career in that game. So many pros started streaming on Justin.tv and Twitch.tv that it made TLN lose its biggest draw, the ability to watch pro players play live outside of MLG tournaments. Now, you can watch many pros play for free on their stream every single night. Once that started happening it made TLN a hard sell unfortunately, as much as I encouraged people I knew to check it out.

    So sad this is going away, but Totz is still very much involved on the pro circuit, will be putting up his own stream, and this by no means is the end of the "P"s in the Halo scene. Long live Halo and The Lan Network!
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    It was a fun time,and it's sad too see such a great site go im gonna miss this site.
    Thank you Mrs.P and Mr.P for the great time.<3

    If anyone wants too play some Starcraft here is my Email.


    Im gonna miss all you guy's.<3

    I think im gonna cry.
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    *waiting for BradSears's to write his epic tribute to TLN....* Yeah thats right buddy, I'm putting you on the spot lol.

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    I'm sad to see this go I really liked this community a lot. Thanks to the P's and I'm still always gonna root for Totz. If a new good community comes up please tell me, and maybe if you want to game, but I'm usually gaming with other friends. GT- Toomuchmooin

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    I swear to God, if I were a piano player or an actor or something and all those dopes thought I was terrific, I'd hate it. I wouldn't even want them to CLAP for me. People always clap for the wrong things.

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    Sad day...The Pennacchio family is amazing...PvJ was a fantastic experience...thank you and God bless...

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    I had a great time here at TLN. So many great memories. Thanks to the Pennacchio family for EVERYTHING. I love you guys and everyone I met here!!

    Add me on xbl if you want! <3 you guys
    My gt is: i Morgxn
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    I blame the Bloom in Reach for this. LOL J/K Anyway, thanks for all that Mr. P and his family have done for the MLG Community. You will be missed. Now time to play some LoL.
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