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    Quote Originally Posted by forefront View Post
    Screw TV. MLG Radio is the wave of the future!!!
    I'm interested in what you're saying could you please elaborate?

    It makes me so happy to see and watch the development of MLG go from something really small to blowing up to something on a Global scale and for you to help and contribute in some way makes it even cooler while also giving you a sense of pride

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    They should make the stream available on Xbox live.
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    I don't think that comparing it with those TV channels makes it very amazing. Don't get me wrong we had a lot of viewers but they get those numbers on the average if they had a big event and compared it to tv channels having their regular schedule of course it'd seem big.

    by all means though
    internet > tv

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    MLG should just stay online because it saves more money then putting it on tv which online already owns T.V. But it will bring more basic veiwers that don't know about mlg to the scene

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    The Internet is the place for gaming. It would be extremely difficult to play a event on TV, especially an MLG event that has 3 or more games being played competitively.

    Now that I give it more thought I think ESPN would be a good place cause they have about 5 Channels under their control. 1 game per channel but then ESPN would have to really want to get involved.

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