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Thread: TLN Game Night

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    LANce Armstrong
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    Jul 2010
    Rolling Meadows, IL

    Astro Gaming
    If anyone ever wants to run FFA's add me or message/inv me online. I will typically switch right away lol
    www.KonasKorner.com - Connecting Industry with Community.

    GT: TheAmericanBash
    F/A player/coach for Reach

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    Sir LANs-a-lot
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    Jul 2010

    Great to see the TLNC getting back up to where it belongs. Im down for games inv me, GT below
    GT: eMeRaLcl

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    LAN Fan
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    Oct 2010
    Taylor Az

    I'll throw my gamertag into the mix too message or add Gearijigu I'm down to run fours or eights or customs
    GT: Gearijigu

    Fear the Gear

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    I think all the recent activities and keep the player the possibility of group, perhaps you would be willing to select the pool into a random map.

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    I'm down, I'll msg you on xbl too
    gamertag: TarpEH

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    IS there still a lan network house?

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