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    Bored so might as well make an intro. I'm 16 nearly 17 and from Washington, Indiana. My name is Riley Hill

    Found out about TLN last year and made an account because I thought the Fantasy Draft thing was extremely cool.
    I've been playing Halo since I was a little kid on PC.

    I got my Xbox around 3-4 years ago and began playing H3. Began to become competitive with friends from school and than started GB matches (even though I suck). Moved onto MLG shortly after and started watching events. This is the first year i've been fully active watching every event and dedicating time to the MLG forums.

    My favorite pro has to definitely be Destin after watching him on BtH after being dropped from Dynasty. Love Dynasty even though I suck every time I've played with the players lol.

    My Gt is: Dragon Eat Kidz
    MLG Profile is: IORFWEJI

    My Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php...3565327&ref=ts

    Edit: Occasionally play Runescape sadly = ()

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    Welcome back to TLN and I hope you continue to enjoy the site. There will be a lot of big things going on here soon Anyways thanks for the post and info.

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    LANce Armstrong
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    May 2010
    Ontario Canada

    Welcome to TLN

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    Martian LANhunter
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    annapolis maryland

    Astro Gaming
    welcome back bro
    GO GREEN!!!!

    GT: CHRIS CR33P | Twitter | Interview with Mr P
    Starcraft Character code: 352 : ChrisCreep : Diamond : Protoss/Zerg

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    Welcome to TLN (: I hope you enjoy it here, and add me on XBL : Oh My Ghosty. I don't play Halo that often but when I do I'm always looking for people to play with.

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