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    Need Capturers to help mt my Montage

    Hey Whats Up Everyone! im Making this thread because im gonna be needing some people to capture for my Montage.
    My Promo for it is already out if u haven't gotten a chance to see it i will leave a link in here , but if u do capture in hd Hit me up on XBL - Trunks NJ . whoever i can get some help from i will most definitely put you in the credits/Special Thanks at the end of the tage . this tage will be 100% MLG it is an H3/Reach Tage . Alot of the clips ore on known/Great Players so im looking to get the most help i can get. Any Help will be appreciated

    Link to the promo - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLieg...eature=mh_lolz

    On the Promo my editor was trying something new with the cursor and the whole HUD but the final tage will not have all of that .

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    Looks like you got a solid editor with some solid clips. The only thing I would advise against is the HUD/Cursor thing but you already commented about that. So best of luck finding people to help you and definitely post when its done. I have the hardware and I would help but my computer isn't up for it. I'm working on getting a new one atm. But also check out the MLG forums as there are a lot of people that capture for free HD there.

    NeighborFan BravoFan

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