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    (Pending) FGL Online SC2 1v1 tournament

    Hey guys!

    There is a Starcraft 2 tournament in the works over at www.FGLpro.com, just awaiting the licensing from Blizzard. Wanted to give you guys a heads up...

    There are 64 slots available, with a minimum participation of 20 people... So we need some players who are interested in making some moooonaaaayy... dishing out a $600 prize pool to the top players...

    It will be a 1v1, best of 3, double elimination bracket style tourney. Since this is the first tournament everyone will probably get a random seed into the brackets, but future tournaments may have rank based seeds, once we collect some player data to see how the ranks would look.

    I'll update this post as more info is available, but for the most up to date info keep your eyes on www.fglpro.com for the details.

    Also, if possible, I would like to get in as a spectator or have the games saved and sent to me for rebroadcasts on my stream (www.twitch.tv/digitaldeity_), from both players' individual point of view (meaning each game would be broadcast twice, once from player1 and again from player2) and maybe even try my hand at some commentary...
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    is it pay to play?
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    that is the real question^^^^
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    Well, that's not an easy question to answer at the moment. Blizzard has stipulations on their tournament licenses and you have to get special permission to charge for entry. The site works similar to how gamebattles works, I think. You buy "points" on the site, and use them to purchase you entry into the tournaments... you can use them for any tournament run on the site, Halo, CoD, SC2, LoL, etc, etc.

    So, we're not sure if Blizzard will give the permission to do that, but also not sure how we will be able to fund the prize pool without it, which is why the tournament is still in the pending stage.
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