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Thread: Clutchy

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    Whats Up!!

    Some of you may have seen me in MM or randomly on twitter.

    GT: Clutchy
    Twitter @therealclutchy

    I am a member of the Ironfox community over at www.autumnforge.com. Im 25, have two kids and I play halo pretty much everyday. Im from Canada eh and I like hockey, basketball and golf.

    I will be attending Colombus and unfortunately I am still a FA as my team never actually fully formed.

    Anybody that plays MLG feel free to add me. I am a solid teammate.

    Thanks for having me on the site. I look forward to meeting the regulars
    Last edited by Clutchyyy; 02-15-2012 at 07:14 PM.

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    LANce Armstrong
    Join Date
    May 2010
    Ontario Canada

    Welcome to TLN, Nice to meet you man.

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    Go Leafs Go! Die hard Leaf fan...born and raised in Ottawa. Mow you know how truly awesome I am haha

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    LANce Armstrong
    Join Date
    May 2010
    St. Louis

    Oh look, someone my age. Welcome. Have to say though, Go Wings!

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    Hey CG!!! I was wondering where you went. Have not seen you in a while. Still play reach?

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    Awesome...found the account that I first signed up on this site with.

    Is there anyway to remove the Clutchyyy account I made last night?

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    ya....I just brought back Clutchy the other day to see if I could find a team for CBUS. Add me, we should run customs like old times.

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