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    Hi, I'm an old new old guy

    Hello TLN Community!

    My name is Caleb. I'm from Seattle, WA but doing Grad school in Chicago right now. I'm an avid halo player/spectator and I've been following competitive halo since 2004. I've used a number of gamertags over the years (xDIREAVENGERx, Dr3zz, Caliber, etc.). I'm not a particularly talented player, but I love watching competitive halo and playing with competitive people who love the game. I'm trying to get re-connected with this community because I haven't been active in the Halo crowd since mid-2009 and the last MLG event I attended was in Seattle in 2004 (anybody remember "The Downpour"?), but I've been to a few smaller LANs both in Seattle and Chicago.

    Anyways, glad to say hi. I'm excited to see where Halo is going, especially now that we are really accepting a much-needed independence from MLG and taking ownership of our game.

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    p.s.- if anyone is planning to go to Cbus from Chicago and has an extra seat in their car, hit me up. I'd love to go and I will pay for my portion of gas and other expenses.

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    Welcome to a great community!! We want this place to be a frienly environment that MLG Halo lovers can gather and talk and have fun! I hope you like it here!
    GO GREEN!!!!

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    LANce Armstrong
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    Welcome to TLN and like creep said we want this place to be a friendly environment like it's always been! hope you enjoy your stay!

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    Welcome to the community.

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    welcome to theLanNetwork man!
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    We're leaving from Iowa to Cbus, I'll try and figure out if we can possibly make room. I'll get back to you on that, no guarantees.

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    Thanks anyway Fir3. Let me know if you do have room. It's possible I might not be able to go anyway. All the hotels within walking distance (1 mile or so) of the venue are sold out, so I'm still trying to find a place to sleep. Let me know if you have space and I will let you know if I've been able to find lodging. Thanks again man.

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