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    Halo Reach Driving Challenge By Card Trix

    iTuro x is the Driving Champion!!



    Objective: Successfully complete my obstacle course race track forge map in one sitting without dieing.
    NOTE: The Track Gets Harder as you go on!!

    Free Entry: Anyone may participate
    (Spread the Word)

    *Since BUNGIE No longer updates their site I am unable to obtain download links for you guys*
    Instead, add My Gamer Tag Card Trix and you can snatch The map and game type from their.

    Game Type Name: Legendary Track.
    Map Name: Obstacle Course


    1. You must successfully complete the track in one sitting without dieing.
    2.You must be one of the 8 color spartan choices,Red,blue,green,gold, purple,orange,pink and brown.
    3. no mods or cheats.
    4.No shortcuts if found.
    5. Must be played in custom game only.
    6. Eight players Max only in 1 game session.
    7. If there is two or more winners in the same day sudden death will occur.
    8. I will wait 1 hour after the winner or winners for any other victory films, if completed within the hour sudden death will occur.
    9. If the map is completed with 2 players on 1 mongoose only the driver gets rewarded.
    10. You have Unlimited Times to Try to Complete the map until the expired date.


    1. Avoid All Gravity Lifts and trips mines.
    2. Follow the capture plates that are hovering above the track they are only a guide to the end of the track.
    3. If Active camouflage is present this means there is danger in the next phase avoid the KILL BALL.
    4. SAVE YOUR FILM! your film is the only proof for the prize!
    5. RAGE might take part in this challenge, try to RELAX.

    If you have any questions please send me a message on Xbox Live and I will get back to you ASAP. (Card Trix)
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    LANce Armstrong
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    May 2010
    Ontario Canada

    i always thought of myself as an amazing warthog/mongoose driver, well for sure back in h3 haven't done it as much in halo reach but I'm looking forward to this, def checking it out later. Great idea!

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    Martian LANhunter
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    Jul 2010
    annapolis maryland

    Astro Gaming
    im defff getting in on this!!!
    GO GREEN!!!!

    GT: CHRIS CR33P | Twitter | Interview with Mr P
    Starcraft Character code: 352 : ChrisCreep : Diamond : Protoss/Zerg

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    LANdalf The Grey
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    Nov 2010
    San Francisco, CA

    i failed -__- goodluck to anyone else
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    you guys have unlimited tries to beat it remember

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    Apr 2011
    Sarasota, FL

    Damn, I wish I had gotten in on this. Was a boss at Warthogs in Halo 3, never drove too much in Reach though. Are you going to be doing this again?

    GT: OG krypt0n - Add for Customs, or Matchmaking
    Team: derpin' HARD

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gruntly View Post
    Damn, I wish I had gotten in on this. Was a boss at Warthogs in Halo 3, never drove too much in Reach though. Are you going to be doing this again?
    yes i will be doing the same thing but it will be Doubles obstacle course so you will need to find a partner to complete the map. I'm constructing the map right now Ill let u guys know when it will be ready to play.

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