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    Sticky SPRee13 Sticktage1!

    You all probably don't know me very well but I'm pretty big into Halo. I play competitively, mostly MLG. My goal is to be the best competitive stick thrower in the game. I believe I have already achieved that goal...


    Please thumbs up if you like! If you want to see similar content in the future, SUBSCRIBE.

    Also please comment in this thread and/or on the video letting me know what you think!

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    LANdalf The Grey
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    Dec 2010
    San Francisco, CA

    i thumbs up this video! nice tage
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    Martian LANhunter
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    Jul 2010
    annapolis maryland

    Astro Gaming
    very nice, you remind me of myself back in halo my gt was stickmaster99 because all my friends would get so angry at how well i could throw stickies
    GO GREEN!!!!

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    Jun 2011

    you forgot to mention how you annoy the whole community and just str8 troll.

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    LANce Armstrong
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    May 2010
    Ontario Canada

    Quote Originally Posted by aX goes ham View Post
    you forgot to mention how you annoy the whole community and just str8 troll.
    Let's just leave that out since he's being fine right now lol. OT though good tage, i used to stick all the time back in h3:P

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