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    Thumbs up FGL Summer Tournaments (Multiple Titles)

    My friend over at FGLpro.com sent this out and I wanted to let everyone here know about it too:


    The summer is upon us and that means lots and lots of tourneys and MONEY TO WIN!! That’s right money! All of our tourneys will be cash prizes (prize% based on participants) and trust me you will want to let everybody you know about this because the more participants the more money you stand to win. Let me give you some examples that involve numbers:

    4v4 (50 teams)
    1st - $1,000
    2nd - $500
    3rd - $250

    FFA (100 Players)
    1st - $500
    2nd - $250
    3rd - $100

    2v2 (50 Teams)
    1st - $750
    2nd - $300
    3rd - $150

    Imagine making this much in just a week! Sure does beat getting a summer job, doesn’t it? This is for all games that have their own league ladders (on the FGLpro.com site). The top 3 players of the ladders before cut off for the sign ups don’t have to pay the entry fee for the tournaments so that means challenge as much as possible. We will be resetting all ranks as of May 1st 2012. SO START CHALLENGEING NOW!

    Remember the more people that enter the more money you stand to make. We will also be setting up to stream our online tournaments through our Twitch TV stream this summer as well.

    Get to challenging on the ladders guys.

    We look forward to this summer.
    Sounds like someone's going to make a pretty penny off of this... Especially with the fact that there's no entry fee if you're already top of your ladder... that's a no risk investment lol.

    AFAIK those team #'s are only there for reference to prize $$... If fewer teams enter, there will be less of a prize pool, but the tournament will still be on. If more teams enter than the # posted, I imagine the prize pool will increase.

    Unfortunately the forums over there are down at the moment. Let me know if you guys have any questions, I can find the answers!

    EDIT: Forums are back up now! NEW INFO POSTED
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    damn this looks sick

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    Yeah, I'm excited to see this kicking off again. It's a GB-type ladder system that needs a lot of breaking-in before the ranks start to even out and the competition gets really balanced. People need to start using the ladders more, but at the same time, if they don't then i can make top 3 easy and get a free entry and take home some cash... lol

    It's also nice to see that there's a system of ranking players that goes (or plans to go) beyond the MLG/GB gametypes so that even the casual players that enjoy the standard gametypes can still have that competitive feel and play opponents on or near the same skill level.

    But really, I just want some money...
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