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Thread: Coming Back

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    Taylor Az

    Coming Back

    I've been AWOL from gaming, TLN, and Halo for quite a long time now due to things in my life, but I want to come back! Soon I'll be moving out and will have a chance to re enter the scene. It seems like the landscape has changed quite a bit since my hiatus, but I've always been an avid proponent of the scene. I think what Rick is doing is a wonderful thing and I'm glad to be coming back strong to the competitive scene. I'm excited so hit me up in a few weeks and I'll be ready to game hard! I'll run anything but I always have a soft spot for MLG fours, halo at it's finest.
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    GT: Gearijigu

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    LANce Armstrong
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    May 2010
    Ontario Canada

    Welcome back man, Great to have you!

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    LAN Helsing
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    Jan 2011

    I remember playing with you a few times, good to have you back man
    hit me up on xbl sometime

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    Welcome back and yes we are waiting patiently to see what the next move TLN will make.
    GO GREEN!!!!

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