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    USGL Online Arena MLG 4v4 Hosted by US Gaming League

    USGL Online Arena is starting August 1, 2012 and its $40 Bucks for a team pass sign up now http://usgl.webs.com/apps/webstore/

    Message GamerTag: GO ALIENABLE for details

    USGL Arena Rules

    Team Rules

    Each team will be composed of 4 Starters with an option to have 2 Subs, so a total of 6 Players.

    The 4 Starters per team need to pay for a Team pass or an individual pass for themselves.

    Subs will not have to pay for a pass at all.

    Teams cannot switch players between matches unless a player lags out or gets offline somehow.

    The Players on Each team roster need to be the same during the entire season.

    Arena Rules

    Each team will be placed in a State relating to where they live at and will be representing that state.

    4 Teams per division

    Teams will first go into Pool Play where every team plays each other 3 Times.

    After each team has played against each 3 times, Power Ranking will be released and that will determine your seed for the USGL Online Arena Bracket.

    Bracket will be Double Elimination


    **If we get 16 Teams to pay $40.00 then

    1st Place will get $200 Bucks, Free entry to Next Arena

    2nd Place will get $100 Bucks, Free entry to Next Arena

    3rd Place will get free entry to Next Arena

    Teams for USGL Online Arena Season 1
    North Division Group
    Ohio State - Evolved Conflict
    More Teams coming Soon

    East Division Group
    New York City - Mean Mug
    More Teams coming Soon

    South Division Group
    Florida - Game Over
    More Teams coming Soon

    West Division Group
    Coming Soon

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    hopefully my team will be able to join this
    Chill Streak
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