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Thread: Add Me!

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    Lightbulb Add Me!

    gT is the same, just looking to play some custom games possibly "roosterteeth game night" game modes but if i could play castle wars again i would a very happy camper. Generally on from 3-11 central(i believe)......

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    LANdalf The Grey
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    Nov 2010
    San Francisco, CA

    I wish people still used this site GT is in the bottom you can add me if you'd like
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    Done playing Halo Reach competitively, but will remain on this website! Hit me up on xbox live! My gamertag is "vs Tension"! Feel free to add me and we'll play some CLASSIC Playlist

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    LANce Armstrong
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    May 2010
    St. Louis

    i don't know what any of these gametypes are, but i'll add.

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