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    LANce Armstrong
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    FAQ. Read before posting!!

    Latest Update: 01/12/2012 By: Heuer89

    Out of date -- will be updated once more information is available

    Why do I have to pay to watch the stream/media content?
    There are a lot of obvious and not-so-obvious costs that come with the upkeep of a site like this. Providing the best experience possible is a common goal among all the TLN staff. The cost of membership is only a small return on a very large investment of money and time made by the owners of this site. Please show them your respect, even if you are not a paying member. If you have any other questions, please message Heuer89 and he will either answer them if he can, or find someone who can.

    What memberships are available, and what and when am I charged?
    You can buy a Premium Membership at the cost of $5.99 / month plus a one time sign-up fee of $4.00 -- The $5.99 charge reoccurs every month and is the best overall value.

    Before and during a LAN you may purchase a Stream Pass for that LAN that lasts until the end of the LAN for a one time charge of $9.99

    You can also find the Membership terms and Renewal, Cancellation, and Refund policy here:

    What are the rules for the site/forum?
    The terms of service, to include the Code of Conduct can be found here:

    How often do they stream?
    It varies. Every scheduled LAN lasts for one weekend, usually before events. Other than that, you may see pros stream matchmaking from time to time of their own accord. When no one is playing, the stream may be occupied by several viewpoints of a rebroadcast from a previous LAN. The frequency of putting these rebroadcasts up is something we are striving to improve upon.

    How are fantasy teams drafted?
    For a 6 Team LAN, each fantasy division consists of six users. So for every six users that submit their picks, those six are then put into one division within the fantasy league. Once the ability to select your picks closes, our system automatically drafts players to create the fantasy teams. This drafting order is determined by the order of which each user was put into that specific division. Hope this makes sense and helps answer your questions!

    In the near future our fantasy league will have many new features including a drafting application similar to other professional fantasy sports - so stay tuned!

    How are fantasy scores generated?
    The Lan Network Fantasy Scoring System (Halo Reach)

    Positive Points
    5 Kills
    10 Assists
    2.5 Obj Time
    25 Flag Returns
    25 Flag Captures
    12.5 Assault Arm
    25 Assault Disarm
    25 Assault Detonation
    25 Territory Capture
    10 Wins
    175 Tourney Win

    Negative Points
    -5 Deaths


    For Individual Players:
    1. Add Positive Points
    2. Subtract Negative Points
    3. Divide by Games Played
    4. This is the Average per Game for the Player

    For Team Scores:
    5. Add the overall points for each four members on your team
    6. Multiply #5 by 5
    7. Divide by total games played between all four players
    8. This is your team score

    What are the rules for the Buy/Sell/Trade forum?
    You can read the Buy/Sell/Trade rules here:

    I am having a stream/account/site issue, what do I do?
    Please search the Support Desk forum for a possible solution to your question. After which, if you have not found an answer, post your question in the Support Desk forum and an admin is usually very quick to respond.

    I will expand this FAQ as the need arises.
    Last edited by heuer89; 01-12-2012 at 10:35 AM. Reason: Updated with more current information.

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    Only 5 points to a winning team is weak imo :\ but good post!

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    Sir LANs-a-lot
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    forefront Nice Post !!

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    LAN Helsing
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    Great Post!
    I understand why you have to charge for these services, but it is still unfortunate.
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    Awesome stuff forefront! Worth every penny.

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    Forefront; I did the 2 month premium subscription through paypal. I would like to purchase the $5.99/$4.00 recurring subscription. How do I go about that? Do I simply contact the support desk as you stipulated below? Since I already paid for a 2 month premium do I still have to pay the $4.00 start-up? Don't really care either way.
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    LANce Armstrong
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    I think they are still working on the new premium price.
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    Awesome stuff forefront!

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    Updated with some more information.
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    Glad to see forefron and Heuer still leading this community.

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