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Thread: Future of TLN

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    LANce Armstrong
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    We are still working hard behind the scenes too. I cleaned up the forums, but I still have a lot more to do. First though, we need to have a pro LAN. That's what we are working on. Keep your fingers crossed boys and girls.

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    A Pro LAN would be awesome! Shoot for the month of August before school starts though if there was to be one. I feel like more teams would be able to go. Can't wait!

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    that would be amazing it would feel just like the old days. Chatting watching the stream and enjoying feeling closer to the pros then ever!
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    A Pro LAN would be tight . As a newcomer i think it would be very exciting to see The Lan Network in action, Along with all the Pro players of course. But If they have a Pro LAN what game should it be for. I say COD, it would be a great way to start off a new addition

    Also i would love to see the Fantasy come back so i could make a team and have some fun on the TLN website
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