These have been there for so long but I didn’t realize that they are literally lifesavers until recently. I actually never knew what they were there for.

So I was driving down from New York,NY to Raleigh,NC recently and I was driving solo. As I was coming here for the first time I had to get a lot of addresses, directions from Google. I was alone so I decided I’ll type one character and then look back on road again for safety. Well it didn’t work out and an auto correction took too much of my attention and suddenly I heard an alarming sound and my car started to vibrate. Not too much but like how it would if my car would be a cellphone. So yeah I was about to go into a ditch if these strips wouldn’t have shook me and said ‘Bzzzzz Eyes on the road buddy!!’. There can be various reasons to steer off the road people may get tired and doze off etc.

So yes in my opinion its very ordinary thing in first impression but very well thought off and I’ll consider it as a really good design to save lives.

Edit: Proceed and read for some elucidation, if required.
I appreciate all for the great reception. However, based on some of the comments, I would like to clarify a few things. This by ‘no means’, is and ever would be an inherent suggestion to take this for granted.
Please help.


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