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    That first picture was ridiculous. I was 99% sure that that was a Str8 Rippin shirt, which led me to believe it was T2, but upon further investigation...I now realize there's pretty obvious differences. Despite thinking it was T2, I was also at a crossroads because I knew those don't look like his lips(no homo). Good thing I took my guesses when I was really tired.

    Last picture drove me crazy. Every fiber of my being wanted to say that was T2, but the lighting makes it look like he has red hair...

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    Almost choked on the last one. haha

    Quote Originally Posted by Peridious View Post
    Congratulations to aratio!

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    two none of the aboves in a row..... come on now!

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    I trusted in Victory X picks... damn you!!! thats the last time I choose the same answers as you, haha

    ugh, thats twice now that I have missed only 1 answer!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Victory X View Post
    two none of the aboves in a row..... come on now!
    yeah that caught me off guard, if i would of gotten the 1st one of none of the above I would of won
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    I hate none of the above/all of the above answers on multiple choice tests at school, and on TLN.

    There's 16 pro teams. That's 64 pro player names to chose from. Lol can't you just use fillers instead?!

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