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    Question about the orginal interview videos and suggestions for upcoming ones

    During TLN very begining there was several pro interviews about the '10 upcoming season. I remember an SK, Pistola, Defy, Totz, and OG2 ones, and I was wondering if there is any way to view these. I like to see what the pros thought about the upcoming season since it is pretty much over. These initial videos are what made me join site and I think they are done so well.

    I hope some how Mr. P can interview all of the team members of the upcoming lan. This is the last event for H3. I was think maybe the can ask the best of type questions for the season and for H3 life span. Like best team and best overall player for H3, while including individual accoulades to the '10 season. Regardless if these questions are asked, Mr.P knows his stuff so I know the interviews will kick ass.

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    Content Team
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    heck yeah that sounds awesome

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    Sir LANs-a-lot
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    Agreed, I will try to do as many interviews that I can !!

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    Bruce LANner
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    the interviews are great, keep it up!

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    Yes! The interviews make my day. Please keep'em coming. I also kind of liked it when you interviewed multiple pros at once.
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    Where are these interviews at?

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