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Salot joined TLN about half a year before the contest. Why do people keep on saying that he joined to be in the contest???
He started posting when the contest was announced. I don't think he means joined.

However, that's irrelevant. I'm going to temporarily close this thread until Mr. P, or any mod/admin has news on this contest. I honestly have no ideal as to when the announcement is being made, but I do know that this thread has been pointless for the past few pages simply because of the fact that it's the same repetitive statements over and over. The thread has turned into built up frustration (and this is understandable). It's not the catalyst to any sort of progression in the contest from what I can see.

I am sure Mr. P is FULLY aware of the situation. It has been made perfectly clear by a very vocal community what is happening. Bare with Mr. P, everyone knows he's a good guy and this is not something he is purposely doing or is happy about doing.