COD Ghosts $4,000 Tournament!

$4k COD Ghosts Tournament Announced!

TLN is streaming another eBash tournament!!! 

Saturday November 16th, 2013 starting around 11am, TLN will be streaming the eBash $4,000 Call of Duty Black Ghosts tournament.  Details can be found here.

Also, we will be streaming this on BOTH TLN and You can join us November 16th on the TLN site as well as  See you there!

Answers to common FAQ's regarding tournament:


1) No they do not need their own Xbox Accounts

2) Only WIRED microsoft controllers are allowed.  

3) Teams may have subs, only 4 play at a time.  All subs need to be designated before the tournament starts and subs can't be made during a match.

4) Game modes will be determined when the game is released.  We will follow MLG's format (

5) Registration starts at 10 AM and the first matches begin at 11 AM EST sharp.