Community Interview - RagingChickens

This is the third community interview, and, this week, we have RagingChickens. He is a member that you may not know much about, but you have probably seen one of over 700 posts that belong to him, or, maybe you have seen his tournament thread. Take some time and learn a little bit about RagingChickens in this entertaining interview.

Joe Fries: Hey Raging. This interview has a slightly different feel for me, because, unlike KRILLIN, I haven't seen you on the MLG forums and have no real background on who you are, besides the fact that you are a very avid TLN user. Would you mind starting off by telling the community a bit about yourself?

RagingChickenss: Of course! Well, my name is Ben Bertino and I am currently a sophomore in high school, and I spend a lot of my time playing tennis. I am currently 15 years old, and I live in South Jersey. I live in the +1 thread so that is probably why you haven't seen me! (laughs)

Joe Fries: South Jersey, huh? I bet you have been the recipient of a never-ending wave of Jersey Shore jokes for quite some time now. Stepping away from Seaside Heights, let's talk about what has made your name so popular on TLN's forums. Of course, I'm talking about your tournaments. What inspired you to start and would you consider them a success?

RagingChickenss: Well, I first wanted to start a tournament because I was looking at past tournaments and I have heard the stories of their failure, and I thought I would give it a shot. I thought "Hey, this can't be too hard." I was wrong! haha. So far, I have to see more before I consider this tournament a success. Watch N' Learn is the only team to play so far, and I have had 3 teams drop out sadly, but now that I am getting the hang of things, more matches are going to get played, and, I think by the end of it, I will be able to call it a success.

Joe Fries: It is always good to see people trying to do things like this. I know, from experience, how hard it is to run a tournament, and it really isn't a joke. You should be careful though, if you don't get more people involved, you might find some stiff competition in the future *winks*. With these tournaments, you have gained a real sense of what the TLN community is really like. What is your overall impression of the TLN community and the website, itself?

RagingChickens: The TLN community is awesome. With this tournament, I have had so many people wanting to help me. It is really touching. Whether it was someone playing in the tournament, or just another member, I have received so much help from the community and I greatly appreciate it. Of course though, I have seen the dark side of it as well! Some people who signed up for the tournament were very inactive members. Basically, they signed up and then never came back. Sadly, M0rgan11 was assigned a team full of these people and had to forfeit, despite her efforts to get them to play. So I have seen some bad, but overall I have been so pleased and impressed with the help I have received from the community. It is amazing how nice everyone on the site is!

Joe Fries: I love all of the positive reviews! As I said before, I haven't seen you on the MLG forums, so how did you find out about TLN and what made you come back again and again?

RagingChickens: Well I actually did have an account on the MLG forums, but I would only read things because I saw how nasty everyone was to each other. I was afraid to post! hahaha. I found out about TLN from being an MLG fan, I knew about it and I checked it out. But my friend theBEAST385 really convinced me to make an account. I was pretty tentative to post at first so in my first few months, I did not post very much at all. Eventually though, I settled in and found my place in the community. After that, going on TLN was kind of like walking into my house, I felt at home. So I keep coming back! Also, I am a huge MLG fan so I NEED to watch as much as I possibly can, so I watch all the streams on TLN to get my fill *smiles*

Joe Fries: The internet is srs biz. It takes a lot to just hop into something new and start posting your opinions. I remember going into the Off Topic section of the MLG forums, and I basically got chased out with pitchforks and torches! That was the end of that. How about some community questions now, are you ready?

RagingChickens:  (laughs) Yeah, let's do it!

Joe Fries: First up, AntKeyyy wants to know how you chose the name "Raging Chickens," and I would love to know too!

RagingChickens: Haha people always want to know this! Well it's kind of simple. I had just bought WarCraft: The Frozen Tundra or something like that, and it was the first time I really had to make a username. So I sat on my computer for hours trying to think of a name. (Keep in mind I was like 12) So finally, I came up with ragingchickens33. Everybody always complimented me on my name and told me they loved it, so when I got my Xbox, the name followed. It wouldn't fit in my gamertag so I had to trim it to Ragingchickens3. That evolved to Ragingchickens, then MLG Chickens, and then finally TLN Chickens. Boring story huh? It would have been better if I got attacked by a group of chickens or something...

Joe Fries: Obviously! But I wouldn't wish a wild chicken attack on anyone (laughs). ThisGuyPwnage wants to know, "How did you got your start in Halo?"

RagingChickens: Well what happened was, I was in 6th grade and my sister started dating this guy from down the street. One day I went over there to hang out with his brother who I was friends with, and everybody was playing Halo 3. I played it for the first time there and my life was instantly changed. I started going over all the time just to play and eventually, decided that I needed to buy an Xbox so I could play this all day. And that is how it all started! Miss that game so much :(

Joe Fries: Awww. What a cute story. Your friend m0rgan11 wants to know what your favorite food is, and be specific!

RagingChickens: (laughs) Alright Morgan, I have a clear answer for you here. A cheesesteak from Geno's in South Philly. I live about a half an hour away from it, and, sometimes, on the weekends, my dad will take me there and we will get a cheesesteak. Nothing compares to it. If there is any Philadelphians on here, Pat's sucks! Geno's is the best! haha

Joe Fries: Sounds like you're calling out the Pat's fans! Now that we know how you got your start with halo, and what food you were eating while you got to this point, Ecks Nine wants to know when you started gaming competitively.

RagingChickens: Well it all started on GameBattles when my COD 4 team managed to go 0-31. haha. One day, there was this weird thing on the homepage, and then it showed people playing Halo 3. I thought it was dumb and didn't watch it. But once again, my friend theBEAST385 really wanted me to so I did. I was instantly in love. After watching a good amount of it I went and played the MLG playlist on Halo 3, from there, I having been gaming competitively since. No casual gamers here *winks*

Joe Fries: Playing off of this series of questions, Dibs wants to know, "What was your best moment in competitive gaming?"

RagingChickens: Wow. That is a tough one. Really tough. But it would have to be playing my first semi pro team, ever. I had never played one in Halo 3 and in Reach, I got teamed up against Hot n Mild. They went on to jetpack around and no scope us in the face constantly, but I was so happy! That feeling has to be the best I have ever felt in competitive gaming. I have now encountered APG, Tizoxic, Assault, and Roy. They all destroyed me though. But it was still such a great moment! Roy, especially, destroyed me. I tried to backsmack him, but I hit his shoulder so he turned and 5 shot me. It was humiliating (laughs).

Joe Fries: How about this last question from last week's interviewee, KRILLIN. He wants to know, "If you could meet any member from TLN in real life who would it be and why?"

RagingChickens: It would have to be KRILLIN! We could walk around at an MLG event and he could scare everyone with has massive muscles (laughs)

Joe Fries: I'm with you on that one; I'm all for having a body guard. Well Raging, do you have any shout outs or final comments before we part?

RagingChickens: I would like to thank everyone who hhas helped me with my tournament. X9, you have been there for me the whole time. Toolboxxx and Havkin, I appreciate all your help and support as well. I would also like to give a shout out to canadian.gym, we will never stop teabagging each other in customs *smiles* heuer who helps me with my commendations! haha Shelly, Makin (who is always there to assassinate Shelly) theBEAST385, m0rgan11, Impended, Ego, Taco, itwasmagik, XsilentXbyteX, Salot, wookieman, ThisGuyPwnage, my boy KRILLIN *smiles*, Glyde, Outlaw, Luke, Kamikaze, Araneantrox, and everyone else I forgot! You guys all make this community awesome!

Joe Fries: The final question, and the moment many of you have been waiting for, who will I be interviewing next week?

RagingChickens: I have put so much thought into this! And I think that you should interview Shelly. She has been around TLN from the beginning and deserves an interview!

Joe Fries: Okay, Shelly it is! Thanks for a great interview, Ben, and I wish you the best of luck with your tournaments.

RagingChickens: Thanks Joe, you will be seeing a lot more of those in the future, trust me!

That does it for our interview with RagingChickens. Stay posted, because next sunday we will be interviewing Shelly!

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