Web Security Gateway Solutions

Web security gateway solutions ensure that every internet request is evaluated for security threats and blocks threats before they happen. Depending on the research you read and data source, SSL is between 52 and 75% of your internet traffic and SSL is where the bad guys deploy bad things.

If you have a “content filter” deployed within your firewall or your endpoint solution, it is simply not enough. Every organization must have a web security gateway solution that leverages full proxy features and inspects SSL for maximum visibility into your traffic and the most effective protection of your users and workstations.

With a fully deployed web security gateway you can be sure that your policy follows your users and is always on across all machines within your organization. Common threat vectors such as phishing are significantly controlled by deploying a web proxy.

TLN has enabled a Center of Excellence for Cisco Umbrella and Z-scaler, two world class solutions that scale from the micro smb through very large enterprise. All security telemetry feeds into the TLN SOC for real time analysis and the ability to take programmatic action should traffic need to be blocked or allowed.