Cyber Security For The Enterprise

Most enterprise organizations already have a robust security stack, several resources dedicated to IT and security and may not need to fully rely on an outsourced managed security service provider (MSSP).

However most enterprise are still drowning with under the burden of managing my security tools and all the data they provide. There is simply too much data and too many alerts to respond to.

TLN most typically assists the enterprise in handing tier 1 and tier 2 level monitoring and management of security solutions allowing experienced and expensive internal resources the time to enable business and focus on the issues that matter.

Cyber security breaches in the enterprise are typically not due to the lack of tools and data, they are generally due to the lack of ability to respond in a timely fashion or inability to take action quickly.
TLN can assist in both by deploying our cyber SOC as well as security automation platform to the enterprise. Partnering with an MSSP does not have to mean you give up all visibility or management capability. We provide all clients with full transparency to raw data and allow for co-management of the deployed security solutions. This enables a long lasting and high integrity relationship focused on one goal, securing the enterprise.